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The system solution for respiratory disorders

What you see here is not just a new sleep therapy device, but part of an innovative platform called prismaLINE. It contains intelligent solutions for titration and treatment of respiratory disorders. Designed to support all relevant work processes, the platform also offers exactly the right device for every type of therapy. Patients and doctors can trust in this effective and convenient therapy management.

One look, several Options

All therapy devices in the prismaLINE have the same design, accessories, connection ports and means of operation. The usage concept, which combines modern touch screen technology with a smart Graphic User Interface, is unique in this area of application. Everydevice is designed for simple and intelligent operation.

Straight to successful treatment

prismaLINE unites a completely new usage experience with proven Weinmann technology in trusted quality. For titration, therapy monitoring or service, the innovative platform concept reliably helps users to get straight to their goals.

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The right model for every need

  • prismaLAB
    All modes in the prismaLINE are available in the titration device. Experts do not have to use several different devices but can make all settings conveniently on a single device. The central setting process allows several patients to be titrated quickly and simply.

  • prismaCR
    Patients with periodic breathing, e.g., Cheyne-Stokes respiration, and central, mixed or complex sleep-disordered breathing are quickly and reliably treated within a breath cycle by the optimized algorithm in prismaCR.

  • prismaCR
    Patients with periodic breathing, e.g., Cheyne-Stokes respiration, and central, mixed or complex sleep-disordered breathing are quickly and reliably treated within a breath cycle by the optimized algorithm in prismaCR.

  • prisma25ST
    The BiLevel-ST device prisma25ST offers maximum flexibility with parameter settings and indication-specific pre-settings (SCOPES) intended for patients with obstructive, mixed or complex sleep apnea with comorbidities. 

  • prisma25ST
    The BiLevel-ST device prisma25ST offers maximum flexibility with parameter settings and indication-specific pre-settings (SCOPES) intended for patients with obstructive, mixed or complex sleep apnea with comorbidities. 

  • prisma25ST
    The BiLevel-ST device prisma25ST offers maximum flexibility with parameter settings and indication-specific pre-settings (SCOPES) intended for patients with obstructive, mixed or complex sleep apnea with comorbidities. 

  • prisma25S
    prisma25S provides ideal conditions for adaptive pressure regulation in BiLevel S therapy. It is the device of choice for patients with obstructive, mixed or complex sleep apnea who have high and/or fluctuating pressure needs and show poor CPAP compliance.  

  • prisma20A
    With the help of Forced Oscillation Technique (FOT), prisma20A distinguishes between obstructive and central events. In response to events, prisma20A automatically provides continuous pressure adjustments tailored exactly to the patient‘s needs.

  • prisma20C
    With the help of Forced Oscillation Technique (FOT), prisma20C distinguishes between obstructive and central events. That gives doctors a helpful basis for their treatment decisions.

Trust in Intuition

Intelligence you can feel: Touch screen and intuitive user navigation.

User-friendly technology for the most efficient operation ever

Intuitive operation with touch technology eliminates the need for many keys and offers intelligent, user-friendlynavigation. The user trusts his new device from the very start while experts also benefit from the devices‘ intuitive operation, whose primary goal is to make work processes as efficient as possible.

The right menu for each user: Informative and easy-to-understand

Different menus for patients and doctors ensure that only the information relevant to the current operation is displayed on the corresponding user interface. The result: more space for information, less room for operating errors.

Standardized operation for the entire platform

The benefit of standardized operation is obvious. Once the user has learned the basics, he can use all the other therapy devices in the prismaLINE.

Orderly: The accompanying software solutions

As with the therapy devices of the prismaLINE, our software solutions prismaTS and prismaTSlab were developed for intuitive user navigation. The software solutions ensure perfect presentation of all relevant data for every process, from titration to therapy monitoring.

prismaTS: For fast and flexible patient management

prismaTS offers flexible patient management and a quick summary of therapy or detailed analysis. The software solution also provides fast and easy assignment of patients to devices. Other innovations include an optimized therapy calendar and patient files, plus an improved summary of the course of nighttime therapy. Detailed information can be called up at any time.

prismaTSlab: Simple titration and reliable monitoring

The prismaLAB remote control gives experts complete access to and a clear presentation of all relevant parameters. Changes in the settings and comfort parameters can be made at any time and transmitted to the device via a LAN connection.

Touch me!
Expert's view: Concise, informative and supportive
  • Immediately recognized: The device is in an unlocked state.

  • Grey buttons lead directly to related functions.

  • Quick access to therapy modes assists and accelerates work processes.

  • Immediately informed: AcSV mode includes more information on a second page.

  • Green buttons show that the function is active.

  • Quick access to therapy parameters aids and accelerates work processes.

  • Quick access to therapy parameters aids and accelerates work processes.

Patient's view: Clear and concise
  • Grey buttons lead directly to related functions.

  • Green buttons show that the function is active.

  • Clear: Humidifier is activated and set to Level 4.

  • Simple: The time and alarms can be set by simply clicking the time display.

  • Grey buttons lead directly to related functions.

  • Reliable: The symbol shows the current respiratory status.

  • Immediately noted: The softSTART function is activated.

Trust in Performance

Bulging with experience.

Effective algorithms and state-of-the-art technology turn every treatment into a success story: Performance that you can trust

The prismaLINE contains the best from many decades of successful research and development by Weinmann. There‘s good reason why our partners around the world trust our auto-regulating and titrating algorithms and their longterm effectiveness.

Weinmann. The FOT pioneer

Our CPAP and APAP therapy devices prisma20C and prisma20A use the Forced Oscillation Technique (FOT) to reliably distinguish between obstructive and central apnea events. FOT is a particularly sensitive method that uses the resulting airflow and pressure to measure resistance and obstructions in the upper airways and to respond accordingly. For the patient FOT from Weinmann means adequate treatment and much more comfortable breathing as the device prevents unnecessary pressure increases when central apnoe is detected.

Weinmann. The optimizer of anticyclic servoventilation

Anticyclic servoventilation (AcSV) is now even more effective in the treatment of Cheyne-Stokes respiration. Thanks to intra-breath regulated pressure difference, prismaCR ensures a quick anticyclic action without phase displacement. During a single breath the patient receives stabilizing ventilatory support tailored to his specific needs. The device effectively prevents central events after hyperventilation while the optimized, target volume-related backup frequency gives the patient better support in hypoventilation phases.

Weinmann. The inventor of autoTRILevel  

With the combination of two proven types of therapy, autoBILevel and APAP, Weinmann‘s autoTRILevel principle offers outstanding therapy effectiveness. Even in cases of complex breathing patterns, autoTRILevel determines the best setting for the patient. The titration and setting processes are less time-consuming, thanks to the automatic regulation and low number of setting parameters.

Weinmann. The trailblazer for SCOPES

prismaLINE offers both maximum flexibility with settings and indication-specific pre-settings (SCOPES). Our SCOPES does not limit flexibility in the readjustment of therapy parameters; changes can be made at any time.

Turn me!
Turn me!

    Trust in Flexibility

    Thanks to the modular design, devices can be upgraded in all directions.

    prismaLINE meets all needs with numerous add-ons

    All prismaLINE models look identical on the outside and offer standardized expansion interfaces. To modify devices for specific uses, the user can connect different modules to any device and combine devices with each other. With so much flexibility, doctors and patients can be sure that the ideal therapy solution will be found, no matter how complex the clinical picture is.

    Compatible and futuristic

    Data transmission can be made in any number of ways, all of which are based on proven industry standards that are manufacturer-independent. The therapy devices are equipped with interfaces for SD cards and USB for this purpose. Expansion modules for LAN and PSG are available; devices can be refitted for telemedicine via GSM*.

    *Legal regulations limit availability to certain countries.


    about us
    about us

    In the following paragraphs you'll find further information about the company Weinmann and a medical technology glossary.


    AcSV (mode) – In AcSV (Anticyclic ServoVentilation) mode, adaptive servoventilation is provided in conjunction with automatic pressure adjustment to treat obstructions in the upper airways. AcSV mode offers two pressure variants, TRILevel und BILevel.  

    APAP (mode) – In APAP mode, ventilation is applied with constant pressure that adjusts to the changing pressure needs of the patient. 

    autoSTART-STOP (feature)   The autoSTART-STOP lets the patient switch on the therapy device with a powerful breath. If no pressure is detected for about five seconds, for example, because the patient has taken off the mask, the therapy device automatically switches off.  

    autoTRILevel autoTRILevel is the combination of two proven types of therapy,  autoBILevel and APAP. autoTRILevel finds the best settings for the patient even in cases of complicated breathing patterns. The titration and setting processes are greatly simplified as a result of automatic regulation and the low number of setting parameters.

    BILevel (S/T) (mode) – Fixed settings for the pressure levels during inspiration and expiration can be made in BILevel therapy. The patient who requires ventilatory support or who cannot tolerate CPAP receives effective and comfortable therapy. In ST mode (S  = Spontaneous, T = Timed) the device gives the patient the support he needs. It can supersede a breath drawn by the patient's spontaneous breathing or triggered by the device. As a result, apnea and hypoventilation phases are reliably bridged, the patient's blood gases are normalized and the work of breathing is reduced.  

    CPAP (mode) – In CPAP mode the therapy device supplies the patient with a continuous flow of air at a constant pressure. 

    Frequency (feature) Frequency ("F min") lets the device operator set the backup frequency (F) per minute.

    FOT With the help of Forced Oscillation Technique (FOT) our CPAP and APAP therapy devices can reliably distinguish obstructive from central apnea. FOT is a very sensitive process that uses air flow and pressure to measure resistance and obstructions in the upper airways. The device then responds with a suitable pressure adjustment.

    Mask pressure test (feature) – Mask pressure test determines the setting for the pressure to be used for the automatic 30-second mask test conducted when the device is switched on. 

    Ramp IN, Ramp EX (feature) – With Ramp IN, Ramp EX, the duration of the inspiration ramp can be set: 1 (+): standard; 2: slight speed in pressure increase; 3 (-): very slight pressure increase speed.

    SCOPES SCOPES stands for indication-specific pre-settings. In SCOPES all parameters can be separately changed as needed.

    softPAP (feature)   The pressure relief softPAP is meant for patients who find exhaling against high pressure unpleasant and those who have difficulty inhaling at very low starting pressure. The tri-level setting for pressure relief causes the device to reduce pressure early in the transition to exhalation, allowing the patient to exhale more easily. This occurs, however, only when no respiratory event is detected. (Level 1: slight pressure relief; Level 2: normal). In Level 3 the pressure is slightly increased during inspiration.

    softSTART Pressure (feature)   With softSTART pressure, the minimum pressure is set in 0.5 hPa increments. In the Patient Settings menu, the patient can set softSTART pressure between the pre-set starting pressure and the prescribed therapy pressure.

    softSTART (feature) – softSTART allows the activation or deactivation of the softSTART pressure function. It is also possible here to set the time in which the prescribed pressure should be reached. The time window is from five to 45 minutes in five-minute increments.

    Trigger IN, Trigger EX (feature) – Settings can be made in Trigger IN, Trigger EX for the automatic trigger technology that adjusts to the patient and supports his natural breathing. The settings are: 1 = high trigger sensitivity; 2 = standard trigger sensitivity; 3 = low trigger sensitivity; auto = automatic trigger sensitivity.

    About us

    Weinmann Geräte für Medizin GmbH + Co. KG develops, produces and markets diagnostic and therapeutic solutions for sleep medicine and ventilation.

    Products from the Hamburg-based, family-owned company are tailored exactly to the needs of patients and experts. Before market launch, every product goes through a certified validation process in research and development, procurement, production and quality management.

    Weinmann, a Löwenstein Group company since 2013, is among the Top 3 in many of its demanding international markets, thanks to ideas, experience and innovation. Thanks too to the decades of trust that Weinmann‘s partners around the world have placed in our proven products Made in Germany.


    Do you have any questions about our products or would you like to learn more about our services? Do you need a telephone number or a workshop schedule? No problem! Write to us with your request and we'll take care of the rest.

    Thank you!

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